Tips For Buying Home Vanities

Tips For Buying Home Vanities

When buying home vanities, it is important to choose one that compliments the room’s decor and the space available. Many vanity units come in base only, which can be combined with different countertop styles, sinks, faucets, and other accessories. The style and color of your vanity also play a role in your purchase. Some popular colors include white, gray, and black. However, the final decision is yours. Listed below are some tips for choosing the perfect vanity for your bathroom.

The style of home vanities can be very versatile. A freestanding vanity is a piece that doesn’t attach to a wall. A console vanity is a harkening back to the dressing table of yore. A console vanity has legs and a sink countertop, while the space underneath is open for plumbing. The height of the vanity depends on your needs. The lower the height, the better. If you have children or plan to install vessel sinks, choose a vanity that isn’t too high. A vanity that meets ADA standards must be at least 34 inches high.

If you have space for two people, a double vanity will offer plenty of storage. A double vanity will also offer plenty of space. Hamilton’s Shutter Vanity features a traditional cottage design. Turned feet and recessed drawer panels are other great details. The countertop is made of natural stone and has irregularities to give it a unique look. This oversized double vanity is predrilled for two three-hole faucets and has a space for additional storage.

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