Materials Used in Bathroom Vanities

Materials Used in Bathroom Vanities

Bathroom vanities are a cabinet built around a sink. Often adorned with marble or glass, bathroom vanities conceal the plumbing under them. They are the biggest fixture in the room and can help you set the style for your decor. Vanities are rectangular and come with one or two sinks. You can find one with a single sink or a double vanity. Keep in mind that the size of your bathroom vanity should match the size of the space it occupies.

Particle board: Although particle board is cheaper than other materials, it is susceptible to water damage, which can result in expensive replacements. As a result, particle board is not a good choice for top-of-the-line bathroom vanities. MDF: This material is considered a middle-of-the-road material. It is denser and stronger than particle board. The wood bits are compressed for longer and at higher temperatures.

Particle board: While particle board is cheaper than other materials, it can be more susceptible to damage from water. While particle board can be affordable, most top-of-the-line bathroom vanities are made from MDF, which is a more durable middle-of-the-road material. Most MDF vanities come with a glossy finish. In addition to MDF, you can also find custom coloring pages for kids. And finally, if you don’t have the funds to buy an expensive vanity, you can always go for particle board.

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