Improve Your Home With A New Vanity

Improve Your Home With A New Vanity

Choosing a Vanity For Home

vanity for home

There are many different types of vanity tops for your home. One type of top is made of laminate material, which has a smooth surface. This material is made of layers of paper glued together. You can paint it to match the rest of your room, or go for a contemporary glaze. Depending on the finish you prefer, you may need to do more than a good scrub. Other types of tops are made of marble or quartz.

Many vanities come with built-in lights around the mirrors, but you can also get lighting fixtures mounted on the walls above the vanity, which gives your space a cleaner look and reduces the eye-sore of older vanities. If you have limited space, you can choose a vanity without lights and have lighting fixtures installed on the wall. When choosing a vanity for your home, make sure to pay close attention to measurements and sink connections.

Vanities That Have A Great Look

For a more minimalistic look, you can purchase a vanity without a countertop or any storage space. These vanities are best suited for contemporary homes, which often stick to simple forms. These homes typically use neutral colors and linear surfaces. Modern accents can also be added. A floating vanity can give your bathroom an air of luxury. A floating vanity, on the other hand, can be purchased online. Just remember to research before making a final decision.

Another option for a modern bathroom vanity is wood. While wood is natural and warm, it can be expensive, so make sure the vanity is made from quality materials. Look for soft-close drawers and solid countertops when purchasing one. If you have a smaller bathroom, consider a glass sink stand instead. The light and airy look will help your bathroom look more spacious. One option for a rustic style vanity is an elm or oak vanity.

Work It In With Ease

If you’re working with a vintage vanity, you can refinish it with a new veneer. First, remove the doors and drawer fronts from the vanity. Then sand the remaining pieces to make them smooth. Next, attach the scribe molding along the bottom and top of the vanity. If the vanity is old, you can also install new countertops, sinks, and faucets to give it a new look.

Another option is to choose a smaller vanity for a small space. The Darla DeMorrow vanity, for example, is 15 inches wide, but still offers plenty of storage space. The countertop length also depends on the decorator. Some prefer countertop lengths that extend from wall to wall. The same goes for the vanity’s design. It’s best to choose a vanity that complements your style, but don’t compromise on its functionality.

Don’t Compromise

Vanity installation costs may range from $50 to over $1,000. The price depends on how much work is involved in installing it, how many new connections the vanity will need, and whether it is wall-mounted or pedestal-style. Installing a vanity can cost up to two hundred dollars, and can be costly if the plumbing is not in the same location. Then again, if you’re building a custom home and need to install the new sink, you may have to spend a bit more.

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