How Tall Are Bathroom Vanities?

How Tall Are Bathroom Vanities?

How Tall Are Bathroom Vanities?

While the standard height of a bathroom vanity is around 32 inches, the height of a vanity can vary from one decorator to the next. Many bathrooms were built with a higher vanity to accommodate the comfort of people who needed to share their bathroom with others. However, there are plenty of different styles of bathroom vanities available to fit any size bathroom. Whether you are designing your first bathroom or transforming an older one, there are many options available.

A vanity is a piece of furniture that combines a sink, countertop, and mirror. Some modern vanities even have lights and architectural styling details. Regardless of the style, the vanities are a necessary component of a bathroom installation. Historically, people used to store their vanity tables in their bed chambers, so they could easily wash their hands and faces before retiring for the night. These fixtures have long since become a standard in modern bathrooms, but they can look cheap if you have a large bathroom.

When designing a bathroom vanity, consider the style and function of the space. If the space is small, you can choose a freestanding vanity that doesn’t require any plumbing. If the space is large, you can choose a wall-mounted vanity. A freestanding vanity can also add to the appearance of a bathroom. If you have a modern-styled bathroom, a floating vanity may look best.

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