Choosing Bathroom Vanaties

Choosing Bathroom Vanaties

Choosing Bathroom Vanaties

You can choose freestanding or built-in bathroom vanaties, depending on your space and design. Freestanding vanity cabinets offer a lot of storage and countertop space, while built-in options generally offer more counter space and more storage. Sinks can either be undermount or drop-in, which are mounted beneath the countertop. Drop-in sinks have edges on the countertop and are fine for small spaces, while vessel sinks sit on top of the counter. A wall-mounted sink is a great choice for a small bathroom, especially if it is small and cramped.

While bathrooms are often large or small, you can choose from double sink vanities or single sink vanities. You can also choose a corner vanity for those with limited space. In addition, you can choose from freestanding or floating bathroom vanaties. These vanities mount directly to the wall and have a classic or modern design. The size of your vanity is up to you, so it is important to decide which style fits the rest of the room.

Vanity heights vary, so it is important to consider your personal preferences when choosing your vanity height. The standard height of a bathroom vanity is 32 inches, but comfort height is 36 inches. This is a good choice if you have to stand up for long periods of time. If you have limited space, you can choose a high vanity. Just be sure to take care of it. If it is too high, you may have to use a step stool or a towel rack to get up.

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