Bathroom Vanaties…Vanities

Bathroom Vanaties…Vanities

Bathroom Vanaties…Vanities

Bathroom vanaties…vanities are the furniture pieces that make bathrooms functional. Typically, they comprise a sink, countertop and mirror. Modern vanities may also have lights and architectural styling details, such as built-in shelves. Regardless of their form, vanities are a crucial element of any bathroom installation. Vanity tables have been around since before indoor plumbing became a thing. They allowed people to wash their hands and faces at night without waking up the whole family.

The traditional style of a vanity table has been retained, but modern plumbing has moved it into a bathroom. Vanities are generally built at a standard height of 32 to 36 inches, which is the minimum height for a bathroom. While this height was designed for shared bathrooms, most homes today come with a taller vanity. This allows you to easily access the sink without bending over. Creating a custom bathroom is entirely up to your imagination.

Before purchasing a bathroom vanity, be sure to measure the space in your bathroom. Remember to leave enough room for the door and trim. When installing a new bathroom vanity, take into account the current layout and existing features. If you’re remodeling an existing bathroom, consider where your plumbing is located and how far the new vanity will need to be placed. You’ll also want to be sure to leave enough space for a vanity sink and toilet.

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