Bathroom Vanaties

Bathroom Vanaties

Bathroom Vanaties

A bathroom vanity is a piece of bathroom furniture that combines a sink, countertop and mirror. Some modern vanities also feature built-in shelves, lights and architectural styling details. They are an integral part of the bathroom installation. In the early days of indoor plumbing, vanity tables were commonly housed in bed chambers. This made it easy for people to wash their face and hands at night, and it was also a common space to store toiletries.

Today, bathroom vanaties are available in many different styles, including rustic, farmhouse and industrial designs. In addition to style, they also vary in height. Most vanities are thirty-two inches tall, but can be shorter if you need more counter space. Some vanities even come with sinks that are higher than standard kitchen cabinets for easier access. Some homeowners choose to purchase vanities with customized heights if they are taller than average.

Whether you need storage space, or want an attractive design with a lot of space, there is a vanity for you. Freestanding vanities are great for smaller bathrooms, while built-in vanities are a better choice for larger spaces. A built-in vanity will give you more countertop space, and more storage space. Some bathroom vanities feature different types of sinks, including drop-in sinks and undermount sinks.

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