Driving Gigi's Dream

Coming Home Rescue received a generous grant from the Charitable Estate of Gigi Szollosy. The gift, given in Ms. Szollosy’s memory, has provided an opportunity for us to have a custom van made to transport a minimum of ten dogs in secure crates to and from adoption events, vet appointments and more!

The van was shipped from Indiana, via a flatbed, from a custom conversion company and has been graphically wrapped to feature the rescue and we do! The van will save us a lot in resources since we won't need to send multiple people to a location to pick up dogs. We also hope it will make our name more recognizable as time goes on. This is a huge asset for a group as young as ours.

We are so blessed to have this new van. We hope that we will be able to save alot more precious lives because of it! ....Look for us on the roadways!